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What we believe

People want their problems solved and should have better experience in how they engage, manage and derive value from their vendors

How we work

We bring together best-of-breed AI with systems that enhance the human connection between companies and their customers

What we do

We improve the customer service experience while empowering customers to maximize their vendors

Teleperson Pillars


A third pillar of Teleperson will be to offer choice to consumers in the kind of customer experience they are seeking, including the customer service agent they wish to speak with, the type of content they wish to engage with while on hold and how they wish to communicate their experience to the company the wider community. In addition, we will provide choice in how consumers wish to manage, store or leverage their data.


A second pillar of Teleperson will be to create a robust and accurate understanding of consumers’ needs, wants, and frustrations and translate this understanding into a consistent and unified customer experience across all vendors. This includes both the kinds of products and services being recommended to consumers together with the opportunities Teleperson will offer to consumers in co-creating products and services together with companies.


We believe trust in Teleperson’s systems is sacrosanct in winning and maintaining consumers, contact centers, companies and 3rd party media players on our platform. Our goal will be not only to protect consumer data but also help empower consumers to decide how they want their transaction data to be viewed, managed or monetized by companies on the Vendor Hub.


The fourth pillar of Teleperson is to build a community around each consumer experience. The aim will be to map key moments across the Buyer Journey with inputs from the community. For example, when consumers are considering purchasing a specific product or service, consumers should have the ability to ask individuals within their community who are current users of that product or service. Building this community could drive opportunities for:

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Jesse Hollander

CEO, Co-Founder

Eben Hall

COO, Co-founder

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Scott Broetzmann

President, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC)

Vasileios Stoidis

Startup Advisor

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