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Frequently asked questions

What is Teleperson?

Teleperson is a customer service app that helps customers engage with all of the companies they make monthly or semi-frequent payments to with a seamless and consistent experience. Through Teleperson, customers can directly reach the right customer service department without going through the traditional call tree or, where relevant, manage their needs through the Teleperson chatbot. Additional services offered by Teleperson includes product and service discovery, personalized wait-on-hold experiences and omnichannel review options.

How do vendors on the platform benefit from working directly with Teleperson?

There are several ways vendors on the platform can benefit from Teleperson, depending ultimately on how integrated Teleperson is with each vendor. First, vendors are organized in Teleperson’s “Vendor Hub”, which is first populated automatically through Plaid integration (prompting customers to enter in their bank account information and enabling Teleperson to organize companies of various categories in the Vendor Hub). Simply being on the Vendor Hub means Teleperson has, or is in the process of building, a publicly available information set (for example, location, hours of operations, website, etc.). Vendors who choose to integrate with Teleperson will have additional capabilities such as a customer service queue and a robust product / service mapping on the platform. Vendors who are premium members can access additional capabilities, such as launching innovation crowdsourcing initiatives around dedicated member personas.

Does Teleperson provide more than just better customer service?

Yes. Teleperson provides additional services such as product / service discovery, personalized reviews, product / service trials, and payment services.

How does Teleperson make money?

Teleperson makes money from four main sources: a) advertising in select sections of the app, b) freemium level for members, c) integration costs with companies (though this is largely done at cost) and d) multi-level subscription packages for companies.

What is the difference between free and premium version?

With a premium version, customers will no longer see native advertising built into the flow of their Vendor Stream or Vendor Hub (although there will still be ‘Sponsored Media’ within the YouZak portion of the app). Premium users will have the ability to request short-term loans from their community. For additional benefits, see Teleperson Premium.

What is the Teleperson Vendor Hub?

The Teleperson Vendor Hub is a library of all of the vendors customers pay on a monthly or semi-frequent basis. Through the Vendor Hub, customers can engage with each vendor, review transaction history, make payments, discover and trial products and services, and learn more about each company.

Can I add or remove vendors from my Vendor Hub?

Yes. By visiting the Vendor Hub, members have full capability to search for and add new vendors. There is an additional setting that when members call another vendor (not currently on the Vendor Hub), the call itself can trigger a clarification to the member if they want to add the vendor to the hub. Members can add an unlimited amount of vendors to the Hub.

What if I don't want my transaction history shared with other vendors?

Members are completely in control of deciding how they want their purchase behavior shared with or across their vendors. There are benefits to sharing this information, however; chief among them is Teleperson’s Cross-Vendor Loyalty Program, which empowers vendors to offer loyalty points to members to be used by other vendors (for example, AT&T knows that Lisa enjoys Starbucks coffee. AT&T then chooses to reward Lisa for being a loyal AT&T customer by offering her a free coffee).

Am I limited in the number of vendors I can add to my account?

No. Members can add an unlimited number of vendors.

What is the Teleperson concierge?

Teleperson’s concierge is a customized tool which will enable members to ask to address any problem or issue and the Concierge will understand which division of the company is the most appropriate.

What does ‘YouZak’ mean?

YouZak is a portmanteau of “You” and “Muzak”, the latter being music one might hear while waiting on the phone or on an elevator. We emphasize ‘You’,  because the content that is offered can be based on the member’s existing subscriptions. In addition, content which is recommended is aligned with the estimated wait time of the call itself.

How will my current subscriptions be integrated into Teleperson's YouZak program?

For members with existing subscriptions (for example, Netflix, New York Times, Spotify), members can sync their existing accounts and access their favorite content. This provides a seamless experience for the member.

Are trials available of different media?

Yes. Trials will be available to premium members. Trials will be twice as long as what one might access outside of the Teleperson platform.

What are the different media types available on the YouZak platform?

There will be six different pages available on the YouZak platform. They include a) Read, b) Watch, c) Listen, d) Learn, e) Play and f) move.

Do I receive any discounts if I purchase subscriptions through the Teleperson app?

Yes. For all content purchased through Teleperson,  members will receive a 15% discount over the first year of operations.