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Enhancing the
Human Connection

Teleperson is redefining customer service by enabling the customer to control their experience.

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About us

Teleperson builds context

into the customer service experience

What we believe

People want their problems solved and should have better experience in how they engage, manage and derive value from their vendors

How we work

We bring together best-of-breed AI with systems that enhance the human connection between companies and their customers

What we do

We improve the customer service experience while empowering customers to maximize their vendors

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Benefits for customers

Be excited about customer service

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Provide feeling of control

Facilitates social media sharing

Greater customer experience

Integrates company into the life of the customer

Create human connection with customers

Improve ways to collect customer feedback

Outsourced contact center technology

Personalize your brand for customers

Benefits for enterprises

Excite customers
continually and consistently

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Our Products

What we’re building to change the game of customer service

Teleperson represents the next evolution in customer service, providing personalized, rich experiences centered around the customer.

1. Concierge

Built around awesome customer experience

2. Vendor Hub

Your vendors centralized and centered on you

3. Community

Discover products & services found in your community

4. YouZak

Transforming wait times into enjoyable experiences

Contextual Routing Through AI

Direct to Human

Voice / SMS based Customer Preference

Concierge Everywhere

Support from dial-up to hang-up

Multilingual Capabilities

Unify system of vendor payment

Get unified view of vendor payment

Vendor portal for direct engagement

Cross Vendor loyalty program

Receive personalized discounts or promotions

Payment support programs

Connect with friends around products

Discover products through your community

Receive discounts in group purchases

Meet others while on hold

Customize product testimonials

Form groups for product crowdsourcing

Multi-format media hub

Contextual media recommendation

Notifications of human rep activity

Extended product trials

Sync with existing subscriptions

Return to content post-call

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Customer Service Statistics

Despite billions of dollars spent each year, customer experience is still pretty bad

of customers feel that their expectations of customer service are always met
of customers have become angry when talking to customer service
of customers want to shop with companies which can meet their needs in realtime
of customers hang up the phone in frustration when they cannot reach a customer service representative
of customers fall in love with a brand because of friendly customer service representatives

Key issues for bad customer
service experiences

As part of their annual study, CCMC’s National Rage Study, found key reasons for low levels of customer satisfaction, notably issues around complaint-handling toll-free numbers, self-service offerings, expanded remedies to compensate complainants for their problems, corporate websites, and a host of other initiatives, have become standard company policies.

Outsourcing customer care contact center

Toll-free numbers too complicated

Agents aren’t empowered

Operations Understaffed

User unfriendly website

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Enhance the Human Connection

Redefine the customer service experience

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