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    Customer service has rapidly evolved over the last decade, as automation and other applications of AI have transformed the experience for customers everywhere. For companies, seeking to offer superior customer experience has resulted in patching together legacy systems or outsourcing customer service divisions, in part or in whole, while a focus on operational metrics and cross-functional dashboards have led to tradeoff between exceptional CX and stronger P&L.

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    Take control of your customer service for every company and brand you shop from!

    Provide feeling of control

    Facilitates social media sharing
    Facilitates social media sharing

    Greater customer experience
    Greater customer experience

    Integrates company into the life of the customer
    Integrates company into the life of the customer

    Engage with your community by product
    Create human connection with customers

    Multi-format media hub
    Improve ways to collect customer feedback

    Outsourced contact center technology

    Cross Vendor loyalty program
    Personalize your brand for customers

    How we support companies

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    Despite billions of dollars spent each year, customer experience is still pretty bad


    of customers reported experiencing a product or service problem in the past year – problem incidence has more than doubled since 1976.


    of customers felt rage about their most serious problem (customer rage is more pronounced when problems affect a customer's overall well-being or leisure time).


    of customers reported that they put forth a very high/high effort to complain about their most serious problem.


    of customers felt that the problem wasted their time (an average of 1 to 2 days of lost time).


    of customers were not at all satisfied with the action taken to resolve their most serious problem.

    Teleperson builds context into the customer service experience

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