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are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service

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trust a company whose service they've rated as "very good" to take care of their needs

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say they would do business with a competitor after more than one bad experience

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start their customer service journey based on how they feel they're being treated

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report that good customer service is vital for them to feel loyalty toward a brand

Join the hundreds of companies that have had their call tree mapped by Teleperson
Market Insights

Recieve continuous market insights on consumer and competitor activity

The Teleperson platform delivers continuous market insights on consumer, competitor and other intelligence

Gain unique customer insights continuously

Directly access actionable insights to grow, gain revenue, and cut costs

Understand current and potential competitor insights

Receive current and potential competitor insights, built around customer transactions

Launch surveys to current and potential customers

Automate your customer intelligence through direct surveying intelligence

The thing I noticed most about the inbox is the speed. In a test, we saw a 15% increase in the number of conversations handled.

Pelle Blarke

International Strategy and Operations Manager, Wolt

Teleperson Connect

Manage costs while differentiating your customer service experience

Need direct BPO support? Or optimize your CX infrastructure? No problem! Choose Teleperson Connect to solve either human and/or technical  hurdles to growing your business

Better manage costs with full technical support

Through Teleperson BPO, save costs while boosting quality of your customer service operations

Integrate enterprise-level contact center solutions

Integrate enterprise contact center capabilities at a fraction of the cost (leveling the playing field)

Optimize your customer engagement costs

Optimize your human resources based on the urgency of your customer complaints, requests, or other communication.

CX Advisory

Ensure you're moving with CX best practices and operational excellence

Work with our dedicated and experienced consultants to support your strategy, technology, and CX operations​


Redefine your end-to-end customer service journey

Offer industry-leading customer service journeys for happy customers

Optimize your customer service infrastructure

Ensure your full CX infrastructure is optimized for performance and profitability

Launch continuous CX benchmarking

Stay continually ahead of your competition through our cross-industry benchmarking

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